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Biosphere for Montreal World Expo

There is an incredible amount of great cultural attractions and major establishments in Montreal. These relate to both the traditional heritage of the city as well as the significance and importance it has had in the second half of the twentieth century. In the 1960s and 70s alone, the city hosted the Montreal Expo and World’s Fair as well as the Olympic Games. And the buildings and complexes that housed these events continue to play a major role in the cultural offerings of the city, and also serve as some of Montreal’s main landmarks. In this great city you don’t have to look centuries into the past to discover great cultural landmarks, though if you want to this is also possible, and even popular.… Read the rest

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Richard Shaw Exhibit at Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa

The Sonoma County Museum is just one of the great cultural attractions that is found in the city of Santa Rosa, California. It is located on 7th Street and is just a short walk from the Historic Railroad Square and the downtown area. It continues to maintain its strong mission centered on celebrating the Sonoma region’s rich artistic and cultural history and serves as an inspirational gathering space to display, educate and engage its visitors. In addition, the museum can be rented out for private parties, business meetings and other special events. This is great to know for people who are planning to be in town for these occasions and that happens to be you the reader, you can get information here about places to stay.… Read the rest

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Finding Reputable Payday Loan Lenders

Payday loans can come in handy when the unexpected…happens. The economy is such these days, that many people do not have the financial stability they once may have enjoyed. It is a time when the breakdown of a car, can throw the budget off for months. So many people are opted to go for the “payday loan”. This is a short term loan, that is extremely easy to qualify for, and will provide one with the necessary quick cash to fix the car, repair the roof of the house, or to simply go to the doctor.

One thing that must be considered, is the lender of the loan.… Read the rest

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Pablo Casals Studied in Barcelona

Pablo Casals was one of the most famous and well respected cellists in the instrument’s history. He was born in December of 1876 in El Vendrell, Spain, which is located in the Catalonia region. He recorded many works for the cello and also acted as conductor on many occasions, though it is probably his interpretation and recording of the Bach Cello Suites that remains the most popular and beloved of his works by fans and other professionals.

Casals had an early introduction to music as his father was a choir master and organist for his church parish and he instructed the young Pablo in piano and organ, as well as violin.… Read the rest

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