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Recognizing the Symptoms of Drug Use

Despite the increase of warnings and education about drug use in recent years, it is still a huge problem.  Thousands of young Americans each year try drugs for the first time and become addicted.  While the list of reasons is infinite, there are several tell-tale signs you can look for if you suspect someone you love is using drugs.

Although some of the signs may vary depending of the drug used, this list, compiled by the American Council for Drug Education, includes several of the physical symptoms: loss of appetite; change in eating habits; unexplained weight gain; slowed walk; poor physical coordination; insomnia; red, watery eyes; unusual pupil size; blank stare; cold, sweaty palms; shaking, tremors; extreme over activity; runny nose; hacking cough;, needle marks on arms, legs or bottoms of feet; nausea, vomiting; puffy face; extreme blushing or paleness; and irregular heartbeat.… Read the rest

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The medical tourism trend

Medical tourism, sometimes called medical travel or health tourism is a growing trend — just look at www.surgeonabroad.com.

The term refers to traveling abroad to receive medical care instead of staying in your home country. Patients do this mostly because the cost of the medical care is significantly less expensive then it would be if they had a procedure in their country.

About fifty countries now list medical tourism as one of their national industries. Most people leaving their country to receive medical care are doing so because they need procedures that are seen as more elective and not necessity.… Read the rest

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