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Management Training for Professional and Personal Life

Few things in life can increase your wealth like education. Not just financial wealth, but personal wealth. I have found that if I take the initiative and enroll in a course that will benefit my employment, I can usually apply those principles to my personal life. That way I win all around.

I enrolled in management training. Not only did I learn how to be a better boss, I learned skills that have helped me deal with my children. I have applied the things I learned to my relationships with my employees and I found that now they want to work for me, to impress me and to do their jobs better.… Read the rest

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From San Diego Golf Academy to Instructor

Taking on the life of a golf instructor is not as easy as just deciding to teach golf one day. Though experience and passion for the game play a strong role, becoming an instructor requires education just like any other profession. Without it, it is doubtful one can offer efficient golf instruction in a consistent manner. This is of great issue in a career that deals with people from all walks of life. An instructor must be able to relate to his or her students effectively in order to help them improve. Many assume teaching golf means just showing others how the game is played.… Read the rest

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