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Teenage Years and New Tires

Some of the best memories are related to cars. Without getting too indiscreet, the car is a central part of the imagination of youth in the US, and seems to be a way of reconnecting to a lost youth whenever there is a shift. Life changes make some of us more aware of the passage of time, and this sometimes causes us to relfect. Wondering about the possibilities that were there in the teenage years , we somehow always manage to find our way into thinking about a few select cars. Some of these were more beloved than others, but all of the memories make us want to take better care of what we have right now.… Read the rest

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Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency in Larger Vehicles

When you look in your GMC pickup repair manual, you will notice the MPG rating that your truck should have, that is the miles per gallon.  Various factors will affect the gas mileage of your truck as you drive it over time, and many steps can be taken in order to guarantee that you are getting the maximum MPG.  One’s own driving habits greatly affect the gas mileage.  You will find noted in any Chevrolet pickup repair manual that quick starts and stops will take up as much as thirty percent off of the efficiency with which your truck uses up gasoline.… Read the rest

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Wheel and Tire Packages Making Shopping Fun

Getting new tires and rims for my car is always fun. I’m never satisfied with what the manufacturers put on the cars so I always have to go and get new ones. I’ve been lucky about finding wheel and tire packages.

I got Toyo tires this time and nice chrome rims. It can difficult to find rims for sale but I managed to with Performance Plus Tire. PPT has everything I could ever need for tires and rims. It’s the only place I shop when I’m looking for these things. They have the best selection around and great prices.… Read the rest

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Rims Increase Car Value

One way to increase the value of your car is to add several nice accessories or custom features. I wanted to make my car be worth more and look better, but I couldn’t afford a new car. I ended up custom wheels and liking them so much that I got my wife SUV wheels and 20 rim for my daughter.

I also got a new interior for my car and a music system. The speakers are really loud, though I don’t listen to music that much. I spent a fair amount of money on all of this and I still wasn’t satisfied.… Read the rest

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