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Donating and helping those who are less fortunate is usually a therapeutic process and makes you feel self rewarded. When you think of giving to or helping others, the first thing you think of usually isn’t schools.

Unfortunately, schools have been hit hardest by this recession and as funding continues to be cut in the education department, many schools are operating without the proper supplies and programs continue to be cut.

A major problem with the education system is that there is no funding. Without funding teachers cannot purchase proper supplies nor can they update old methods of teaching. For example, teaching on a blackboard is out dated and is not effective in today’s time. Some classrooms do not even have a world map, how are children supposed to understand history and geography if they cannot even have a visual representation. Many teachers lack the basic supplies such as art supplies, paper, folders, pencils, pens, white board markers and tissues. Teachers typically have to ask students to provide their own supplies as there is no budget for classroom sets.

Another major downside to the education funding cuts is the removal of extracurricular programs. Programs such as music, art, and physical education are all being removed because there is not enough money to sustain these programs. Extracurricular programs are what inspire children to question, to learn and to explore their talents, without them they are stuck in core classes all day long without any creative break.

Next time you are looking to make some sort of donation or help someone less fortunate, take a look at your local schools and see what they need, whether it be supplies, books or just volunteering time. The children of today will be the ones who are making the decisions of tomorrow, and if they are not properly educated, how can we possibly entrust them to make the right decisions.

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