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Entering the Criminal Justice Field


The Great Recession has left many industries with fewer jobs and bleak outlooks for future job growth. Fields that are showing sustained growth or projecting growth for years to come are few and far between. Anyone with an interest in criminal justice will be delighted to discover that the current growth being experienced in that field will continue for years to come. A multitude of criminal justice schools and degree programs exist to help prepare people for work in this dynamic and varied field.

Some people who are already in the criminal justice field go back to school to earn a graduate degree that will open up more advanced positions, but the majority of those enrolled in degree programs are there to get started in the field — either as their first career choice or as a part of a complete career change.

No matter what aspect of criminal justice someone is interested in, there are degree programs available to prepare them for the work ahead. Criminal scientists, psychologists, and law enforcement personnel can benefit from a degree. Paralegals, court reporters, and other court staff can obtain degrees or certification too. Even prison officers and game wardens can earn a degree that specializes in their specific interest and makes them more attractive as an employee to departments with job openings to fill.

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