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The Importance of Business Mentorship


Whether you are 16 just starting out, recently graduated from college, or making a mid-life career change starting a new job can be intimidating. Even the most confident people struggle at times when it comes to learning a new environment, new tasks, and new people. For this reason many companies provide a mentor program.

Mentors serve a variety of purposes. Often they are from the same department and can be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning the ends and outs of the job. They can also help teach where things are, make introductions to other employees, and help make the transition as smooth as possible. SouthWestern is a company that primarily works with college students and, therefore, holds mentorship in the highest regard. It is a predominate theme in the Southwestern Company District Sales Manager Spotlight .

Mentors don’t just see to the physical needs but the emotional as well. A mentor can be a companion when you don’t know anyone else. They can also be a trusted person to go to with questions and concerns or when problems arise.

Building a mentorship program into the new hire program is an ideal way to make the transition into a new job as smooth and pleasant as possible. And when the employees are happy and know what to do, the business will also reap the benefits.

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