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Biosphere for Montreal World Expo


There is an incredible amount of great cultural attractions and major establishments in Montreal. These relate to both the traditional heritage of the city as well as the significance and importance it has had in the second half of the twentieth century. In the 1960s and 70s alone, the city hosted the Montreal Expo and World’s Fair as well as the Olympic Games. And the buildings and complexes that housed these events continue to play a major role in the cultural offerings of the city, and also serve as some of Montreal’s main landmarks. In this great city you don’t have to look centuries into the past to discover great cultural landmarks, though if you want to this is also possible, and even popular.

A majority of the guests in the Montreal hotels enjoy exploring the Biosphere, which was the location of the expo, and other significant buildings. The Biosphere is an amazing structure and is easily recognized by its giant globe like, some even say golf ball design, orb. This incredible sphere is actually the largest of its kind in the world and it is currently sectioned off into seven different areas of discovery. There are numerous exhibits located throughout the sphere and many of them relate to environmental studies. The Source of Life explores the importance of water, and its different elements and Visions Hall is one of the best places to find incredible panoramic views of the city. This is just one of the great landmarks in Montreal that continues to be a significant part of the contemporary culture.

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