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Teenage Years and New Tires


Some of the best memories are related to cars. Without getting too indiscreet, the car is a central part of the imagination of youth in the US, and seems to be a way of reconnecting to a lost youth whenever there is a shift. Life changes make some of us more aware of the passage of time, and this sometimes causes us to relfect. Wondering about the possibilities that were there in the teenage years , we somehow always manage to find our way into thinking about a few select cars. Some of these were more beloved than others, but all of the memories make us want to take better care of what we have right now.

It begins with exceptional tires . Chances are pretty good that in those teenage years, we didn’t have enough money to buy the tires we wanted, or even the ones that might have been the right choice for the car. So we drove around with three different brands, and slightly different sizes, and the old Impala still rode like a dream. These days, however, with a little foresight and hindsight, we can see what is the best for our ride, and know the steps to take to get it up to par.

It’s not always about going back to visit a lost childhood, or trying to find the magic that our first sweethearts made us feel. Sometimes finding the right tire is about the here and now only, wanting to have a better ride, a better life expectancy for the vehicle, or simply something that has more curb appeal. But whenever we see a vehicle that’s well-maintained, it always brings out the inner teenager. We recognize the quality in the car for what it is, but we also start to go off into a little daydream, and remember those summer nights from long ago, and start to conceive of ways we can bring those back into the present.

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