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Richard Shaw Exhibit at Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa


The Sonoma County Museum is just one of the great cultural attractions that is found in the city of Santa Rosa, California. It is located on 7th Street and is just a short walk from the Historic Railroad Square and the downtown area. It continues to maintain its strong mission centered on celebrating the Sonoma region’s rich artistic and cultural history and serves as an inspirational gathering space to display, educate and engage its visitors. In addition, the museum can be rented out for private parties, business meetings and other special events. This is great to know for people who are planning to be in town for these occasions and that happens to be you the reader, you can get information here about places to stay.

Richard Shaw is one of the artists who is currently being displayed by the museum. His exhibit Four Decades of Ceramics is demonstrates his amazing ability to turn porcelain into a wide variety of objects and he is one of the leading artists of the tromp l’oeil ceramics genre. He has lived in Marin County for a number of years and his artistic style has been associated with the Bay Area Funk, which is a movement focused on a general irreverent and sometimes even surreal assemblage of seeming random objects from everyday life.

He has been intricately connected to the Bay Area art and culture scene and has also been a long time collaborator with Robert Hudson. He has also worked with other prominent Bay Area artists. The exhibit at the Santa Rosa Museum contains approximately 40 pieces from the 1960s through to the present. This exhibit opened in January and will remain at the museum through late May. Other exhibits currently being displayed by the museum include Paintings by Martha Shaw and Fiber Art by Adela Akers. You can contact the museum for hours and other information.

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