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Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency in Larger Vehicles


When you look in your GMC pickup repair manual, you will notice the MPG rating that your truck should have, that is the miles per gallon.  Various factors will affect the gas mileage of your truck as you drive it over time, and many steps can be taken in order to guarantee that you are getting the maximum MPG.  One’s own driving habits greatly affect the gas mileage.  You will find noted in any Chevrolet pickup repair manual that quick starts and stops will take up as much as thirty percent off of the efficiency with which your truck uses up gasoline.

Driving at a steady pace will do wonders for your gas tank and for your wallet.  Although most trucks are being designed these days to be a bit more aerodynamic, they will still tend to use more gas than a smaller more fuel efficient vehicles.  This is why it is particularly important for people driving trucks and larger vehicles to drive the speed limit.  Excessive speed burns more gas.  Other aspects that can interfere with a truck or an SUV’s aerodynamics are trailers and cargo racks, so make sure and check the Chevrolet Silvarado repair manual for the best way to fix these items to your vehicle.

The extra added weight of hauling a trailer will greatly affect your car’s gas mileage, as just three hundred extra pounds will have an affect.  Two grown adults may be capable of adding that weight, so when you plan to haul large loads just be prepared that you will be making extra stops at the petrol station.  Most cars and trucks too, will tend to run more efficiently once the engine is “broken in”.  On brand new vehicles this will occur once your odometer gets to five thousand miles.  A car will also run better at a warmer temperature…of the engine that is.  Short trips or driving in extremely cold weather constantly, will lower your vehicle’s fuel efficiency so bear this in mind.

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