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New York Food Museum


The city of New York has long been one of the best food cities in the world. The best chefs in North America and top chefs from around the world come to New York to prove their worth to the city’s savy diners. For the last decade, the New York Food Museum has worked to educate the public on food and food sources.

In 1998, the New York Food Museum hosted its first event: a panel discussion at Brooklyn College title “The Food Voice and the NY Food Museum.” In 2000 the Musuem hosted the first annual “New York City International Pickle Day” festivities and began plans for online exhibitions to promote the Museum’s activities.

The Museum was founded with the mission to “encourage people to think about the food they eat.” This includes reminding diners of the source of that food as well as its preparation. Through programs across the city, the Museum partners with non-profit organizations and public space managers to provide exhibitions on food sources, workers, distribution, land use, nutrition, and the ecology of farming. They also host events that celebrate the strong culinary culture of New York. Exhibits have appeared in schools, museums, ferry terminals, galleries, and community and cultural centers areound New York.

Online the museum offers virtual exhibitions on New York’s food history. This includes two centuries of articles and images about fishing, farming, dining habits, and New York restaurants. Some of the special topics covered on the museum’s site have included chewing gum, hot dogs and street vendors, beer, the history of pickling, and fruit marketing. In addition to articles and photographs, the museum’s online collection includes recipes, maps, and transcripts of interviews with chefs.

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